• Hypercustomisation of products and services

    Bank customers are increasingly being placed at the heart of the product and service development strategy. Technology makes it possible to store and process large amounts of data to offer a service that is increasingly personalised, efficient and adapted to the needs of each client.
  • Evolution towards the omni-channel

    The need to evolve the sectors traditional service model towards the integration of the physical and digital worlds, to adapt to the requirements of new customers by offering competitive, quality service.
  • Redefining the operating model

    Optimising operating expenses has become a priority for many organisations and will continue as such as they seek to reduce costs while developing the capabilities needed to support growth initiatives.
  • The explosion of digital payment

    The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless payment, thereby reducing the use of cash. The number of digital transactions has grown exponentially, also thanks to the digitalisation of society and to ease and convenience.
  • Consolidation of new ways of working

    As in many other industries, the traditional work model in the banking sector is evolving towards hybrid work environments that foster collaboration between employees and increase productivity.

Challenges of digitisation in the banking sector


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