• Edge Computing, IoMT and Big Data

    An increasing number of defense systems rely on and employ the Internet of Military Things to improve data exchange on a highly digitised battlefield or in support of the personnel and logistical functions of deployed forces. This not only requires—talking about edge computing—low latency, real-time information processing and big data analysis, but also a resilient cyber security layer.
  • Public-private partnership

    Generation and strengthening of permanent collaborative frameworks between public and private organisations, either to detect, protect against or mitigate attacks by other non-allied organisations that seek to destabilise national sovereignty.
  • Increased attacks on critical infrastructure

    The defense sector is increasing its use of digital systems, both in its operational assets and in the protection of the infrastructures that support them. Given its criticality, this attack surface, among others, poses a tangible threat whose risks have to be mitigated among others with cybersecurity-based technologies, processes and procedures.
  • Coordination in allied operations

    Given that cyberspace is now the fifth scenario of defense confrontation and there is a need to conduct allied operations in a coordinated manner, it is a clear priority for cyber security elements and capabilities to ensure such coordination and validity of information, whatever the environment (ICT, OT, IoT, IoMT).
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    The adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies that enable more efficient and real-time decision making entails the adoption of cybersecurity technologies, processes and procedures that ensure that operations are properly carried out with the use of both trends.

Challenges in the Defense industry


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