• New learning spaces

    Redesign and digitise both classrooms and learning centres. Greater integration with digital ecosystems, learning and collaboration tools.
  • Individualisation of teaching

    The learner is increasingly being placed at the centre of pedagogical models. New technologies make it possible to adapt teaching to each student to make it more attractive and get students to play the lead role in their own learning.
  • Gamification

    The adoption of this learning technique transfers the mechanics of games to the educational environment in order to achieve better results. It facilitates the absorption of knowledge to improve skills and reward specific actions.
  • Learning beyond the classroom

    Learning goes beyond educational institutions and traditional or digital classrooms. Technology supports informal learning outside educational organisations and structured training programmes.
  • Empowering teachers

    Teachers and educators are central to the new learning ecosystems. To be successful in their role, they must be skilled, trained and equipped with the tools to act as leaders of change in the education sector.

Challenges in the education sector


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