• Adopting digital capabilities for smart manufacturing

    Accelerating the adoption of digital technology could increase operational efficiency and boost competitiveness. Processes that are better connected and more secure, reliable and predictive on the shop floor enable the physical world (devices, materials, products, machinery, etc) to be linked to the digital world to create a robotised, intelligent industry.
  • Implementing the digital supply chain

    The traditional supply chain model is evolving into an interconnected, dynamic, digital and globally diversified network. Technology is being used to make better decisions with real-time information, foster network-wide collaboration and provide greater transparency.
  • Greater sustainability in the manufacturing processes

    The rapid rise of environmental, social and governance factors is redefining and elevating the importance of sustainability in manufacturing processes. With an increasing focus on climate impact, industries are more frequently implementing environmental commitments in areas such as product design, supply, production, distribution and after-sales.
  • Connected and remote worker

    As digitalisation transforms manufacturing processes, the way workers perform their jobs is also changing. Remote working was an early success story for business continuity in the pandemic, and today, hybrid working models continue to evolve. A key factor in maintaining the employee health and safety, as well as attracting and retaining talent.
  • Protection against cyberattacks

    Increasing threats are driving the industry to turn cybersecurity into essential risk management. In this respect, not only prevention is necessary, but also preparedness for timely detection and response to a cyber-attack. The growth of IT, OT and external networks requires more controls. This includes the increasing movement of the workforce.

Challenges in the industrial sector


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