• Institutions, the public and digital businesses

    We live in a fast-evolving world of constant change, where hyperconnectivity is the cornerstone for both the general public and employees to access new and better services that improve their quality of life and the economic development of their cities.
  • Using data to drive public innovation

    Intelligent data management has evolved exponentially in recent years. It allows better decisions to be made, better services to be built and, above all, more information to individual citizens and companies with which to develop new ideas that promote the digital transformation.
  • Efficient and sustainable cities and public services

    Climate change and preserving the environment is currently atop the list of priorities for all governments, as their actions make cities more resilient and ensure the continuity of public services and the welfare state.
  • Open, honest and transparent governments

    Citizens are increasingly demanding a government that listens to their needs, makes decisions that are fair for all, and manages their annual budgets in a transparent, participatory manner, in a way that helps increase their trust in their political representatives.
  • Public administration as target for cyber-attacks

    The intensive use of information technologies has opened up new vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals to cripple governments and obtain critical information about their citizens and employees, making security a major concern for politicians and the public alike.

Challenges for public administrations


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