• Expanding digital capabilities

    The fusion of digital and physical experiences is accelerating the adoption of digital capabilities within the sector. This is achieved by preparing the workforce for the future, focusing on technology and automation to reduce reliance on physical labour. Privacy and data security play a key role.
  • Supply chain resilience

    Consumers have changed the way they shop. It is hard to predict where and when they shop, but expect to have details of when their order will arrive. As a result, supply chain capabilities are shifting towards an interconnected, dynamic and diversified network; where real-time data is used to make better decisions, achieve network-wide collaboration, provide transparency and end-user confidence.
  • A much more aware and sustainable management

    Retail companies are re-evaluating the impact their management has on the environment, communities and their employees. They are increasingly seeking to strike a balance between economic growth and sustainability, including compliance with government regulations. In this respect, the role played by digital tools is key to reducing industrial waste.
  • Prioritisation of online channels

    Consumers rely more on digital sales and service platforms. E-commerce and online shopping platforms are the main areas of investment, as many organisations are still struggling with old, outdated platforms. Customers are demanding new capabilities and experiences that most of these do not currently support.
  • Customer loyalty

    Businesses are putting customers first and the user experience above all else. Digital solutions are being used to deliver seamless and unique experiences across physical and digital channels. The digitisation of the physical world is expected to become a reality, such as voice-based commerce, shops without staff or checkouts, or the sale of digital products.

Challenges for the retail sector


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