CapaciCard is a new concept in the authentication and authorisation process that uses the multitouch capabilities of smartphones, laptops and tablets using a low-cost physical card.

CapaciCard is a strong authentication system, validated by a physical token necessary for the user's identity. In addition, it is paired with the device, making it impossible to insert or use the card from another device without a secure prior authorisation process.

It is compatible with other systems based on radio frequency communications-based technologies, such as RFID or NFC technology, which would make building access systems using these technologies much more difficult to crack using both verifications.

CapaciCard can be paired with several devices, allowing authentication from any of the previously identified devices, and requiring additional validation in case a new device needs to be paired.

It is such a versatile solution that it can also be used as a second authentication factor (2FA), storing all the data relating to user validation, with maximum security and privacy guarantees, and in accordance with the security standards established for the protocols used. It is also compatible with the vast majority of smartphones on the market as it supports the most widely used operating systems: Android & IOS.


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