IDoT is the next generation of IoT, giving capabilities, analytics and security to traditional IoT services, forming a system so versatile, secure and adaptable that it can meet with guarantees and the best performance any need for connectivity and IoT service, making any connected device truly intelligent.

The main features of IDoT are:

• Security: IDoT has security as the backbone of its entire technical implementation, from storage models to encryption of communications, guaranteeing confidentiality, integrity, availability and authentication.

• Confidentiality: the storage and communication of data is always encrypted, supported by the cryptographic hardware integrated in each IDoT device, guaranteeing that the information can only be accessed by authorised users.

• Integrity: the blockchain technology integrated by IDoT offers total guarantee of data immutability, making any unlawful alteration of the service detectable.

• Availability: the data communication layer using 4G/5G technology provides IDoT with maximum capacities in terms of availability, bandwidth and latency. The storage of the necessary information is done with the maximum guarantees against cyber-attacks such as DoS & DDoS.

• Authentication: identity management is done with the CapaciCard capacitive technology patented by ElevenPaths. It allows the use, management and monitoring of the service to be fully traceable, thanks to the link between device and user.

• User experience: CapaciCard's physical card identification and mobile applications provide the end user with a convenient, user-friendly and simple experience of managing their identity and service, in a fast, agile and secure process.

• High data automation: the ability to aggregate and manage all service data makes the auditing, management and billing of the service very resource efficient.

• Telefónica as the exclusive provider: all the services integrated belong to and are managed by Telefónica, allowing control, security guarantees, operational capacity and personalisation of the service. As it is a technological solution defined and integrated in ElevenPaths' own developments, it allows absolute control of each component, which makes IDoT a technological solution adaptable to multiple uses and scenarios.

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