Telefónica Tech Cyber Security & Cloud is one of the worlds leading VMware cloud providers. Our VDC solution offers a solid answer to ensure the continuity of your business, minimise costs of technological renewal in infrastructure, support and training, as well as to make your company grow in a globalised and dynamic market. Integrated into our communications, together with our own innovations and multiple value-added services, it provides an answer to the most common infrastructure needs thanks to a robust, secure and highly customisable platform as it is a proprietary service.

If you also have your own physical platforms, we provide you with storage, monitoring and backup solutions in service mode with different qualities, including dedicated, to offer you a comprehensive response to your needs.

Services for your organisation

Our IaaS cloud solution based on VMware and enriched with our own developments, is present in 7 countries and offers you computing, storage and multiple value-added services such as backup, disaster recovery, security, or Kubernetes.

VDC-Edge brings the VDC cloud to the edge of our network, right next to your business, with the best latency and response time. Deploy your applications under the new distributed edge computing paradigm (VDC-Edge) or in centralised locations (VDC).

Simplify investments and processes with our managed storage. In block (SAN), object (S3) and file (NAS) mode in different qualities, according to IOPS and latency, and pay per GB. And also redundant between two of our datacenters.

Our managed backup allows you to protect your key business data, be it file systems, applications or entire VMs. For added security, you have copies to an external system (vaulting), or redundancy between datacenters.

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Industries in which we are experts

Do you have doubts regarding which solutions are ideal for your business? We have at your disposal a team specialised in your sector that can help you clarify them.