The traditional enterprise network perimeter is diluted in the new modern models, forcing the evolution and accompaniment of compatible security solutions and architectures in order not to lose efficiency and flexibility.

Telefónica Tech Cyber Security & Cloud is a modern proposal with security models adapted to digital and hybrid environments and which take into account employee mobility. Our Network Security solution offers a security model that adapts to the needs of digital businesses.


Provides advanced email protection by preventing data leakage, ransomware and other malware, phishing and spam. It is a modular service managed by our SOC, which adapts to the needs of the digital company.

The service provides an advanced layer of security over Internet access, protecting the company against malware threats and external attacks, as well as browsing control.

Provides advanced security for the companys local network: malware protection, application control, intrusion detection, browsing control and remote access for mobile employees. Managed by our SOC.

Service that offers protection for users browsing by preventing access to malicious domains and malware. It also allows you to control navigation destinations, improving the productivity and protection of the companys users.

Service managed by our SOC, designed for secure access to the Internet and corporate applications, from any place and device, whether the applications are deployed in a cloud provider, in the CPD or in SaaS mode.

Our service offers a solution that detects and mitigates attacks before they reach your network, allowing you to maintain service with the peace of mind that comes from having comprehensive protection against multiple vulnerabilities and digital threats.

A solution to protect the companys online presence and business continuity against malicious attacks. Particularly suitable for digital businesses with an online presence on cloud infrastructure and a global footprint.

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