Year after year, we have seen a considerable increase in threats to the security and privacy of everyone surfing the Internet. From the data, we know that 91% of them start with phishing (a fraudulent email requesting personal information), 351 million URLs have been identified as malicious and 50% of malware events are due to Malspam (indiscriminate sending of emails with malicious attachments).

These and many other data confirm that most cyber-attacks are due to the lack of protection of connected users. This fact, together with the fact that the pandemic has accelerated the growing tendency to use the Internet for most things: online shopping, banking, administrative procedures, etc., further increases the risks associated with greater digital exposure and the attacks that can be suffered.

At Telefónica Tech Cyber Security & Cloud we are committed to offering a virus-free internet. Thats why we provide the cyber security solutions you need to protect you, your loved ones and all the devices you connect in your home.

The best solutions for safe surfing

Protect all the connected devices in your home without downloading anything, just by activating our secure browsing service. You will be able to protect from IP surveillance cameras, and you will have a child browsing and parental control service.

Protect your identity, data and browsing on your mobile and fixed devices, no matter where they are connected. You can also protect your devices connectivity when youre on the road with our VPN service.

We want to help you find the perfect solution for your business

Do you have doubts regarding which solutions are ideal for your business? We have at your disposal a team specialised in your sector that can help you clarify them.