We are the first telecommunications operator to have a certification authority recognised by the European Commission linked to the 5G network for vehicular communications, complying with the requirements of the C-ITS standard. This is thanks to the deployment of a platform based on public key infrastructure (PKI) that allows us to provide batches of anonymous certificates to a vehicle, traffic light, etc. These will enable them to electronically sign the messages they send to the other entities in the V2X collaborative environment. Innovative vehicle identity management models have also been developed with blockchain tracing and 5G cybersecure communications guarantees.

What others say about us

    “This project is a necessary step towards contributing to the creation of a secure V2X ecosystem with cross-border interoperability between member countries, capable of guaranteeing the integrity of information”. 

    Rosario Trapero Miralles - Director of Connected and Automated Driving of Service Division Product Testing 

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