Fashion companies have the opportunity to serve their customers better while creating a more efficient, responsive and responsible business. To succeed in the fashion industry, every detail matters, from the shade to the fade, the cut and line to the fabric and size. Everything needs to be under control and accounted for. JAKO have a whole range of industry-specific requirements that had to be taken into account when a new ERP solution was implemented as a platform for future digitalisation. It was particularly important for the company to be able to lay a stable foundation for further growth and various new processes. The efficiency of the logistics and billing processes had to be at the maximum level. Another focal point was monitoring of availability, which needs to be continuously guaranteed day and night to be able to communicate availability of the products to the customer at any given time. The system also forms the basis for further digitalisation.

What others say about us

    "We were convinced that with BE-terna, part of Telefónica Tech, we would have a partner with extensive industry experience at our side who would offer us optimal solution concepts and ideas for the specific textile trade challenges we faced. A particularly positive point, is that the project team supported us with exceptional expertise."

    Maik Weber Position, Project Manager at JAKO AG

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