Our client RTVE, as a company very present in the media, had the need to protect their organization against possible illegitimate uses of the Corporation's name or image. In addition, as a public company, the OCC also encourages them to develop protocols and protections such as DKIM, DMARC and SPF that help detect such illegitimate uses by third parties. Thanks to our Clean Email Enterprise service, RTVE has become more efficient in the detection and proactive protection of Email, which is the main attack vector for companies. This service detects and protects from the main attack vectors to which companies are exposed such as: Phishing Attacks, Email Impostor (BEC), Automatic Remediation and Domain Protection.

What others say about us

    "We highly value Telefónica Tech's experts and proactivity in leading protection solutions, because with our contracting system we lack sufficient personnel specializing in these protections. With them, we can squeeze all the value out of the contracted protections, while being clear that the administration and decision of the environment corresponds to RTVE."

    Jesús Amorín, Head of Cyber Security at RTVE

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